BSBWRT401 Write Complex Documents : Staffing Solutions for Businesses

BSBWRT401 Write Complex Documents : Staffing Solutions for Businesses


You are employed by a national recruitment and human resources organisation. The organisation began in 2002, providing staffing solutions for businesses in South Australia. Since inauguration the organisation has continued to grow, opening offices in each state of Australia. Recently, the board of management approved a proposal for the inclusion of a new training arm of the organisation. The training arm will specialise in sales training for people wishing to work in the automotive industry.

As a result of inclusion of the new training division, management have given you a brief asking you to a) prepare a document introducing the training division and explaining its purpose to the staff in the organisation; and b) develop some marketing material that will be used to attract and inform clients—to outline to clients in the automotive industry how the pre-employment training of applicants will be of benefit to them when they are looking to recruit and select new employees.

Design the products, select the format and style as well as any graphics you will use.

Develop appropriate text for each document.

Prepare a draft of each document and have it proofed. Keep printed copies of the originals and the proofed documents (with track changes turned on).

Draw up a final copy of each document. The first should be ready to send out to personnel in the organisation and the second should be ready to send out to clients.

Submit a print version of the final copies, plus the draft and proofed copies, to your assessor.

Provide a report describing and explaining the steps taken to plan the documents and ensure that each one meets the brief you have been given.

Explain the action you would take to ensure appropriate conservation of resources (the resources used to prepare print and distribute the documents).

Explain how and why you chose the design elements you used and why you believe the finished documents are appropriate for purpose and for the audience.

Your assessor might ask a series of verbal questions to determine how you planned the documents and how you managed resources appropriately.

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