NRS4006 Managing Health Through All Stages of Life-social influence and behaviou

NRS4006 Managing Health Through All Stages of Life-social influence and behaviou


Consider your individual strengths and weaknesses with different methods of formatting your case study. Choose a method that suits your learner needs best and will enable you to meet the LOs. Have a look at previous submissions and resources available on your Moodle page
Locate, select, present and discuss relevant health data to identify the health needs of a vulnerable group or community.

1.Define health and wellbeing and discuss perceptions of health, health literacy, social influence and behaviour whilst giving regard to equality and diversity.

2.Discuss the determinants of health, illness and wellbeing and apply this to patterns of health and wellbeing outcomes.

3.Discuss the aims and principles of health promotion, protection and improvement and how this can benefit a community to improve mental, physical, behavioural and other health related outcomes.

Main Body

Start by looking at definitions – this is a good way to begin and allows the marker to gain context for the discussion

Health and Wellbeing
Vulnerable Group and/or community definition
Consider the range of definitions we have explored of health and wellbeing – try to find out more information than provided in lectures to show evidence of you looking and researching around the topic area.  Anything you present must be backed up with valid references.

Explore what relevance these definitions have, not just listing various definitions.

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